Laser tag




We have all played laser tag before, the awesome adrenaline rush of being on the battle field in an all out assault on the opposing team, rushing across the battle field, hiding behind obstacles and rushing the other teams bunker. But laser tag is flawed, until now. No longer do you need to be in close range of your target, no more clunky vests, no more running around the same old battle field in a dark room. Introducing the most advanced laser tag you will ever play, Mobile X gaming experience, The great family owned and operated business that brought you the best Game Truck in Somerset County.

 Our Mobile Laser Tag parties feature the industry leading BRX. These cutting edge laser rifles are unlike anything that you have ever used before, the lightweight yet realistic BRX features realistic features like a reloading button, adjustable magazine sizes, adjustable modes like Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, SBR and much more! Rather than wearing an oversized vest these rifles use small headbands to count shots, your rifle also displays your health, ammunition left and many other customizable features.

Best of all, we come to you! Mobile X Gaming Experience makes throwing a birthday party, corporate event, non-profit event or backyard barbecue easy! When you click the Book Now button below you will be able to select the date, time and specifics of your party then one of the members of our team will reach out to you and confirm the details, then you sit back and relax until it’s time for battle!  will be a party you never forget!